Grace Msalame, Definition of beauty

If God created man and woman, then God must have recreated Grace Msalame…

grace msalame

What have we men, done to deserve all this torture Grace Msalame is doing to us?

grace msalame

Yes she is married, yes she already has children, TWO FUCKING CHILDREN!!!

grace msalame

No I cannot go to her home, her husband is always at home. No I cannot meet her on the streets, because her media job keeps her always on the screen.

grace msalame

Every day I watch Kiss T.V, every night I watch Kiss T. V, waiting, and bating for the moment her show will be live on air

grace msalame

Then I come, as in I cum, like a virgin but she won’t notice, what curse has befallen me, what a blessing, has befallen me

grace msalame

So everyday I pray, every night I pray, that when we go to heaven or hell for that matter, God gives me a second chance, to marry my Grace Msalame!

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